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MoonPrint, an innovative art and design venture, is founded by Zhiwen Xu and Jiehuan (Chloe) Liu, two young emerging artists with a lifelong dedication to their craft. Their journey in art, beginning in childhood, has been a continuous exploration of creativity and expression. At MoonPrint, the focus is on the limitless possibilities of art, seeking inspiration from diverse fields such as science, music, and culture.

Both founders, with aspirations beyond art, are venturing into the realms of interdisciplinary fields for artistic exploration, including technologies of AR/VR, medicine, and more. This scientific pursuit intertwines with their artistic endeavors, offering unique perspectives to their work. The influence of music is also profound in their artistry, with Zhiwen’s skill in the clarinet and Chloe’s mastery of the guzheng infusing their creations with a distinctive flavor.

MoonPrint is more than just an art company; it's a journey of self-discovery and expression. Zhiwen and Chloe invite you to witness their evolution as artists and individuals, encouraging you to be part of their artistic odyssey. Their passion for art is a shared experience, and they hope to make you a part of their narrative as a companion and witness to their unfolding story.

our mission

Make our imprints on the world.

Story behind our logo

The MoonPrint logo, inspired by the Big Dipper constellation, features seven stars representing the seven continents, symbolizing global unity. These stars align to form the initials 'M' and 'P,' creatively abbreviating 'MoonPrint.' This design embodies our mission to connect diverse cultures through art, while also reflecting our innovative and global perspective.

Meet US


Jiehuan (Chloe) Liu


Zhiwen XU



Zhiwen Xu recently graduated from the University of Virginia (UVA) with a B.S. in biochemistry and a B.A. in studio art with a New Media concentration, both received with distinction. Her artistic expression takes form in abstract-surrealism, utilizing diverse mediums to explore alternate universes, dimensions beyond Earth, and complex phenomena or concepts.

Driven by a fascination with intangible concepts embodying dualities and paradoxical unity—akin to the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang—Zhiwen crafts pieces where contrasting elements coalesce in a cyclical dance. This mirrors her own life, navigating the intersections of Western and Eastern influences as a 1.5-generation immigrant.

Her portfolio, spanning interactive installations, digital collages, drawings, and paintings, seeks to uncover the nuances within the grey areas of contrasting worlds. Zhiwen's artistic journey is a quest for equilibrium, a harmonious fusion of seemingly opposing forces, and a reflection of the intricate balance found in both her creations and her cultural identity.

Manager BIO

Mei (she/her) is a current forth-year student at UVA majoring in Cognitive Science and Drama. She loves making meaningful connections with people through art. She aspires to be a smart communicator that bridges the audience and the artist more creatively, using her knowledge about human cognition. 


Being a performance enthusiast, Mei is either producing a show or rehearsing for a performance during her time at UVA. She has performed with AKAdeMiX (open-style dance crew) in Lighting of the Lawn and Culturefest. She has led four student theatre group productions as an artistic director, technical director and producer. She also designs for the drama department’s production. Being in the creative community gives her endless energy and passion. 


Joining MoonPrint is her strategic decision to step into the arts industry. But eventually, she is motivated by the opportunity to contribute to the happiness of artists, consumers, and the local community. 

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