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MoonPrint is an art & design company started by two aspiring young artists, Zhiwen Xu and Jiehuan (Chloe) Liu, who are currently students. We both began to draw at a young age and continued to create art ever since. Throughout the creative-making process, we want to gain new experience and explore various aspects of art and experiment with different ways of expressing art. 

We believe that art has a limitless possibility, and we try to create art from multiple perspectives, whether it is from science, music, or culture. Besides art, we both are planning on majoring in biochemistry and hoping to become scientists or doctors in the future. Moreover, clarinet (Zhiwen plays it) and guzheng (Chloe plays it) have also significantly influenced our creativity and our way of perceiving art.  

Meanwhile, in this long way of art, we also want to find who we are and who we want to become. Art is our passion, and we wish you to be the witnesser of our creations and companion along the way. 

our mission

Make our imprints on the world.

Story behind our logo

Our new logo aims to exemplify the Big Dipper, which has seven stars, representing the seven continents on Earth. By connecting all seven stars, we wish to illustrate how our whole world is connected. *The logo design is formatted to show M and a sideway P as the abbreviation of MoonPrint (MP).

Meet US


Jiehuan (Chloe) Liu


Zhiwen XU

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